1 January 2022 Newsletter

Dear Plotters

Happy New Year! I hope you spent Christmas in the way you wanted to and are now looking forward to a new season on Calico Field! There is not much you can do in January, especially if the soil is compacted or waterlogged, so plan out your crop rotations and order seeds instead!

  • We welcome a new member, Tina, onto Plot 9A. 
  • You will have noticed that there was a new manure delivery just before Christmas. If you would like some, please make a contribution of £1 per barrow in the usual way.
  • The woodchippings are free;  thank you to those members who sourced them.
  • The polytunnel will be disinfected this month, so please remove any remaining plants and pots.
  • Please do not deposit anything on the bonfire as we are trying to dry out what is there already.

As is usual in January, I should like to remind you of the need to be mindful of the Health and Safety document on display in the shed. For your convenience, here is a brief summary of the key points:

  • Keep your family, including small children and pets, safe by supervising them at all times; risks include the water troughs, the pond, flammable materials and tools, the carpark area and the bonfire area /manure hoppers.
  • No bonfires may be lit on individual plots.
  • Cap all canes and keep fencing in a state of good repair
  • All pesticides and weed killers must be kept secure in your shed and be clearly labelled.
  • Gas cylinders (eg for BBQs) must be securely stored in your locked shed. Plot holders who do not have a shed may not store gas on site.
  • Take care when moving around the site. Tripping incidents can be avoided by wearing suitable footwear.
  • Remember that Covid -19 is still with us and be respectful of social- distancing measures.

There is a First Aid box and Accident Reporting book located in the open shed on the right hand side. Telephone numbers of the Committee can be found in the same shed for use in an emergency. If you want to contact any member of the Committee at another time, please send an email to committee@swallowfieldpaa.org and we will get back to you!

Wishing you all a bountiful year on your plot!

Best wishes

Claire Hamilton