Welcome to the Swallowfield Parish Allotment Association (SPAA)

Welcome to the Swallowfield Parish Allotment Association (SPAA) which provides allotments to help promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen our community, create bio diversity, and enhance our environment. We have 27 plots of 14.5 by 9.5 metres each, with some split into half plots. Plots are available for anyone living in the Swallowfield Parish, including Swallowfield, Riseley and Farley Hill.

There are many benefits to having an allotment including:

  • growing our own food
  • educating our children about where food comes from and how to look after the land
  • improving health, both physically and mentally, through exercise in the fresh air with other like-minded people
  • enjoying delicious fresh healthy vegetables and fruit

Contact the SPAA Secretary to find out if there is a plot for YOU!

Braving the February drizzle, a small band of intrepid plotters moved a mountain to prepare a plot for new plotters. Read about it HERE

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