1 June 2020

Dear Plotters

In these challenging times, it has been a privilege (for those of us who have been able to) to get fresh air and exercise on Calico Field and to start the growing cycle, in spite of the lack of seeds and plants, and the closure, until recently, of the garden centres and nurseries. I hope that our plant sale helped you in this and I would like to say a big thank you to all who supported SPAA by donating and buying plants. We raised a tremendous £141 with additional, very generous donations. Many thanks indeed! These funds will go a long way towards defraying our costs and making up for the cancellation of our Open Morning.

Thank you also for carefully following the guidelines laid down because of the Corona virus. Please remember that only members and your close family are allowed on site. There have been incidents recently of items going missing or being broken and evidence of people going on to other people’s plots. It is important that we respect each other’s belongings and keep children and dogs under control at all times. In addition, please make sure that any fencing or netting is in good order as wildlife risks being ensnared by wire. Thank you for being considerate.

At the AGM on 9th July, I will be standing down as Chair after 4 years, but plan to remain on the Committee. The Committee will be needing at least 2 more members to be elected at the AGM, so please let me or any Committee member know if you are interested by emailing committee@swallowfieldpaa.org

Thanks are due to Reg for servicing the wheelbarrows and building a fantastic trolley which will mean that the generator is more easily moved around the site. If you would like any training, please email the committee at the above address. Thanks are also due to Ben (Plot 4) and Matt Drew at ACC Contracting for both sourcing free woodchippings. These are available for your use.

We are currently looking into buying shading for the polytunnel. Thank you for indicating that you would like to use your space. As not everyone wishes to do so, there is more space available so please let the secretary know if you would like extra room for your plants this summer.

Finally, we welcome Paul Gosling and his son on to Plot 9A where they have already made a very good start! Wishing you all a productive summer! Best wishes Ian Swan.


VEGETABLE SEEDS TO SOW OUTSIDE: beetroot, broccoli, carrots and courgettes, kale, kohl rabi, marrows, oriental leaves, peas, pumpkins, runner beans, swedes, Swiss chard and turnips, salad leaves, spring onions and radishes.

VEGETABLES TO PLANT OUT: aubergines, Brussels, cabbages, cauliflowers, celeriac, chilli peppers, courgettes and summer squashes, French beans, kale, leeks, marrows, pumpkins, sprouting broccoli, sweetcorn and peppers. (Don’t forget to ‘block plant’ your sweetcorn as they are not pollinated by insects but by the male and female sweetcorn flowers).


New season early potatoes, peas and broad beans, pick strawberries and gooseberries; harvest beetroot and summer salads.


  • Wage war on weeds; mulch and water regularly.
  • Check your netting is secure and will not entrap wildlife.
  • Feed tomatoes being grown under cover when the first fruits form.
  • Continue to earth up potatoes. Cut down broad beans and peas to the ground after the crops have finished but leave the roots in the ground as they are rich in nitrogen.
  • Feed asparagus after the final pickings (around the 21st June) but leave the plants to grow until autumn. Cut off and pot up strawberry runners to make new plants.
  • Remove raspberry suckers and tie in blackberries.
  • Check for pests and diseases.