1 June 2022 Newsletter

Dear Plotters

Thank you once again to all of you who contributed towards making our Open Morning a success. We were very lucky with the weather and you contributed wonderful prizes for the tombola and the raffle. The plant sale did very well too and we raised in excess of £450 towards funds. Let us know if you have any thoughts about how to spend the money!

May I remind you to keep waging war on your weeds  and keep the adjacent paths to your plot mown or strimmed. If you are putting up netting, please make sure this is bird-proof! Thank you.

This is a busy month for planting out (always being aware that a late frost could still wipe out your tender seedlings!) 

  • Aubergines and chilli peppers can be planted outside at the end of the month when the weather has warmed up. You will need to harden them off first.
  • Plant out Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage seedlings (red, summer, autumn and winter) and net them immediately to prevent cabbage white butterflies from laying their eggs on the leaves. 
  • Celeriac, chicory and kale seedlings can all go out now.
  • Plant out courgettes, marrows and other squash, allowing each plant lots of space and planting them into little heaps of mulch in a slight well to retain the water. Have you tried planting out cucumbers and melons in a rich, fertile soil in a sheltered position? They will need lots of sunshine – or put them in the polytunnel for best results.
  • Plant out your French beans in blocks or up canes, and runner beans at the base of your canes.
  • Dib in your leeks, dropping the plants into a large hole and water well. The water will backfill the plants for you.
  • Plant out your sweetcorn in blocks to help pollination.


  • Weed and hoe regularly
  • Water a little and often. This is better than drowning the plants!
  • Check your netting for holes
  • Feed your tomato plants as soon as the first fruits form
  • Keep earthing up your potatoes
  • Protect newly sown or transplanted seedlings eg beans, with cloches or collars made from empty plastic bottles
  • Feed your asparagus after the final pickings
  • Chop back herbs such as mint, chives, sage and thyme to stimulate new fresh growth
  • Pot up strawberry runners by pegging down the new plants into little pots buried at ground level, or cut off the runners and dispose of them
  • Summer prune gooseberries, redcurrants and white currants by cutting back to five leaves all this year’s lateral shoots. If summer pruning is done before harvesting, it may encourage the berries to swell.
  • Remove raspberry suckers that sprout up at a distance from the base of the plants and compost.
  • Pinch out the tips of broad beans to discourage aphids
  • Protect carrots from fly by covering with barriers or fine mesh
  • Net strawberries and check for grey mould. Destroy any infected fruit.
  • Continue to make sowings of beetroot, radishes, spring onions and salad leaves.
  • Harvest your peas and mangetout peas whilst young and tender.
  • Plant out lettuce seedlings and sow more in succession.

And avoid the showers, which seem to be frequent at the moment!
Enjoy your time in June!

Best wishes

Claire Hamilton