1 March 2020

Just in case you didn’t read last month’s newsletter, here’s a reminder of the date of our Open Morning: Saturday 16th May. As you know, this is our main fund raiser and we would be very grateful if you could please raise a few extra seedlings or provide plants to sell. Courgettes, beans, peas and strawberry plants all proved very popular last year, as well as flowers such as fuschia cuttings, dahlias or bedding such as geraniums. Anything will sell! Many thanks!

Another date for your diary is our AGM which will be held on Thursday 9th July at 8pm in Swallowfield Parish Hall. The Committee wants to hear your views and welcomes feedback so please reserve the date and come along to meet fellow plotters! No excuse: you’ve had plenty of notice!

Our first working party of the year will be on Saturday 7th March in the morning.

If you intend to use your polytunnel space this year, please could you let me know.


If it’s not too cold and wet, think about sowing the following seeds: broad beans, summer, autumn and red cabbages, calabrese, leeks, lettuces, onions and shallots, parsnips, peas, spinach and spring onions. UNDER COVER, outdoors in pre-warmed up soil, you could sow beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, lettuces and rocket and turnips. If you want to get ahead, you could SOW INDOORS: aubergines, brussels, celeriac, celery, chillis and peppers, cucumbers, Florence fennel, globe artichokes, Kohl rabi, lettuces, sprouting broccoli, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.


Asparagus, garlic, onion sets, rhubarb sets and spinach. It’s not too late to plant out new fruit bushes, such as blackberries and cranberries (cranberries LOVE being waterlogged!), raspberries canes and strawberries.


  • Prepare your seed beds, apply fertilisers such as chicken manure or organic fertilisers, feed your overwintering crops and start weeding.
  • Prepare runner bean and celery trenches and fill them with rich compost, ready for planting in May or June.
  • Cover your strawberry plants with cloches to encourage early flowering.
  • Start to chit your potatoes by placing them in a cool, light room.

HARVEST the last of your celeriac and endives, parsnips and leeks. Enjoy your first few early stems of rhubarb!