1 October 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the October newsletter

I hope you all enjoyed ‘summer’ at the beginning of September! I was on holiday in the rain! Anyway, we are now into October, summer is paying us a visit this weekend and there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with.

– Harvest the last summer veg before the first frosts, lift potatoes and beetroot.
– Cut pumpkins and winter squashes. ‘Cure’ them by leaving them in the sun for their skins to harden and the flesh inside to ripen.
– Cover autumn salads and Oriental leaves with a cloche or fleece if there is a chance of a night frost.
Sow Broad Beans for next year.
– Plant garlic, onions, rhubarb and bare-root fruit bushes such as currants and gooseberries.
– Take down supports used for beans, peas and tomatoes.
– Clear away dead plant material and compost it. Begin winter digging.

Thanks to those who came along to the working party, much was achieved, and to those of you who have ticked off some of the jobs on the list in the carpark on other days. Next working party is on Saturday 21st October at 9.30am, please join us if you can.


Thank you to  everyone who has paid for their plot renewals so promptly. Just one or two outstanding, I  will  send out reminders next week to anyone who has not paid by then