2 January 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024!

January does bring a few jobs to do, starting with harvesting hardy winter brassicas, cabbages and cauliflowers. Also root veg such as parsnips, swedes and winter radishes can be harvested.

Spread well rotted manure, or compost, over empty veg beds. We are lucky to have a supply of the former available at only a pound a barrowload so please make use of it.

Warm up areas of your seedbeds by covering with cardboard or polythene ready for sowing.

Buy and start to chit your seed potatoes.

Winter prune established apple and pear trees. Fruit trees at the plot need to be contained within large pots, not directly in the ground unfortunately.

Check fruit cages for damage and finally…

The most exciting bit…. Devise your sowing and planting plan for the year!

Happy planning!