8 December 2023 Newsletter

8 December 2023

Welcome to the last update of 2023!

Can I ask plotholders to check the fences around their plots to ensure that they are neat and safe. Some are falling over towards the aisles or have loose wire which creates a hazard. 
It is time to harvest leeks, root veg, autumn and winter brassicas and if you’re lucky, a few hardy salad crops!

Plant garlic, rhubarb, and new bare rooted fruit bushes but only if the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged!

Prune fruit trees, soft fruit bushes and grape vines if it’s not too cold.

Dig over your plot adding plenty of well rotted organic material and cover beds to protect the soil.

Check nets over sprouts, cabbages and other brassicas.

Hopefully we will be able to meet soon at a working party when the weather allows but before then enjoy your home grown veg on Christmas Day!